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Lyn Derma is a visionary, leading-edge company that develops and markets innovative solutions to challenging dermatology puzzles and issues. We are focused on better answers to today's skin care needs with an eye to the future to reinvent and redefine therapeutic options in dermatology.

"Uniquely formulated prescription therapies to help you feel more comfortable in your beautiful life."

As a new player in the dermatology arena, Lyn Derma is intent on making an impact by being different. We offer a higher level of energy, a pioneering spirit, and a commitment to providing highly responsive service to physicians, patients and the dermatology community.

We innovate with a few simple rules in mind. Creativity must serve a purpose. New products should meet unmet needs for greater efficacy, safety, and convenience. All innovations should add value to the physicians and patients we serve.

"We share information openly and communicate directly."

Every action we take is with an eye on the “Three P’s”: The patients who benefit from our products, the physicians who trust our products and the payers who recognize the value of our products.

We make an impact – going the extra distance to get the very best results, applying the highest standards to all that we do. We value and reward smart, fast action that gets meaningful results.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and collaborating as a team to reach common goals. We promote and encourage different personal and cultural perspectives that drive new thinking.

We are uncomfortable with the status quo. We adapt, we improve, we have the courage to thoughtfully take risks as a team and seize new opportunities – for the company and ourselves.

We get results the right way, without cutting corners. We are transparent, clear and respectful in our dealings with customers, co-workers and partners.

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